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Determine exactly how you are going to empower your employees.

Are you going to help some of them ignite their online personal brands? Start a blog? Build a social community or Twitter following? Establish thought leadership? This is where you must get specific of exactly how you are going to empower them? Embrace the journey and expect bumps buy twitter followers guyana in the road. You must select small wins, not boil the social employee empowerment ocean! Be specific but realistic. Conduct a broader audit when the time is right to determine where your employees are in regard to adoption of social media at the personal level.  


Inspire your employees to live your brand promise.

Actions speak louder than words. If you can’t trust your employees, why should your clients or potential client trust your brand? If you can’t trust your employees it could be you have a hiring and /or bigger internal problems, not an employee problem. This is the stage where you buy twitter followers burkina faso really start working from the inside out. It’s time to deal with the hard stuff and crack those nuts that are holding you back!

Educate your employees on your brand, your brand promise and your audience.

Your employees can’t evangelize what they don’t understand. It’s not enough that you just give them a brand guideline book and help them memorize it for a day. Your goal buy indian twitter followers is to inspire them to live your brand promise. You want it to exude from their words, actions and hearts every day!

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