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Environmental & Geotechnical Services

Envirotech Drilling offers a wide range of environmental and geotechnical site investigation and remediation services throughout Western Australia.

Our operators have more than 10 years of hands-on experience in the drilling industry. Envirotech Drilling offers first-class drilling rigs designed to assist clients with various drilling services. We strive for safety and preventative maintenance to ensure our team and our drilling equipment is at peak performance at all times. Envirotech Drilling offers the following types of drilling methods and services:


Direct Push = both macro core & DT32 systems available.

Hollow & Solid Stem Auger = HSA internal diameter equal to 108mm.

Rotary Mud = depth capability of 100 meters & up to 8.5” open hole.

Rotary Air Blast = depth capability of 100 meters.

Conventional & Reverse Circulation Hammer = depth capability of 100 meters.

Air Core = depth capability of 40 meters.





Soil Sampling

Concrete Coring

Piezometer Installation

Water Well Construction

Bore Development

Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)

ORC Injection


What Safety Means To Us!

“Freedom from HARM”

We are committed to Occupational Health & Safety as good business practice. Each of our staff members fully understands the importance of Safety. We Identify and Manage the risks to our people & foster behaviours to reduce workplace incidents. We believe in continued development & training of all staff & employees in OH&S to achieve our objectives.

Our vision is simple…to work in a “partnership” to establish common goals that will improve Occupational Health & Safety performance for all parties.

What Safety Actions do we do?

We ensure every employee has successfully completed an essential OSH induction.  We question the employee’s safety performance. We check qualifications and confirm competencies. We can conduct medical checks as necessary to confirm capability to do the task. We evaluate your safety systems.

This is an integral part of our service when working in partnership with you.

What is the purpose of our Safety System?

The purpose of our system is to;

  • reduce the risk of injury to our employees;

  • reduce the risk of equipment damage;

  • provide a world class service; and

  • increase your profitability.

What is our system about?

We focus on managing all the pre-incident actions and processes. ie. We do the things necessary to prevent the incident.


Hazard analysis
Employee Selection
Risk Assessment
Job Safety Analysis
Issue Resolution


Incident Investigation
Employee Rehabilitation
Emergency Response
Crisis Management
Workers Compensation


How we do Risk Assessment & Evaluation of the workplace.

What does this mean in your workplace? It means we EVALUATE the workplace to identify the workplace conditions and task needs, prior to commencing work.

Envirotech undertakes this evaluation with you, by;

  • workplace inspections/ OSH Audits;

  • risk assessment;

  • preparing a hazard register for each site; and

  • preparing detailed Job Safety Analysis

What do we do if it all goes wrong?

  • We manage the workers compensation, injury management & rehabilitation of the injured employee.

  • All incidents resulting in personal injury are FULLY investigated.

  • All incidents of “High Potential” are fully investigated.

  • All Hazards are fully investigated and followed through to resolution.

We don’t guarantee there won’t be incidents this is not possible.

However, we do guarantee our total commitment to the safety process and that we will work hard to reduce the risk. Please feel free to contact us to discuss our safety program if you require further information.

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